At the base of the Middle Atlas Mountains, in Central North Morocco lies the market town of Sefrou. There has been something of a settlement at this site along the River Agai for over 2000 years. Since the caravan trading routes began in the turn of the first millennium to the industrial era, Sefrou was a place where travellers and traders coming from or going to the Sahara, the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts and beyond would cross paths and interchange. Trader’s wares, news from afar, knowledge, practices and spiritual beliefs would have been exchanged and left their mark over a long multi-layered, ethnographic history.

SMM, a Micro Museum with a Macro Message, consists of a permanent presentation that showcases the rich history of multiculturalism in Sefrou through a multifaceted portfolio. Visitors, local, national and international are invited to browse the exhibit that aims not only at inspiring further exploration of the old city of Sefrou with a newly refined lens but also of a multicultural heritage etched into one’s own contemporary culture.

Opening the doors in the late spring / early summer of 2021 abiding by CoVid regulations according to WHO standards.