Sefrou Museum of Multiculturalism (SMM) is a Micro-Museum with a macro message. Taking the town of Sefrou as its muse, the dwelling is a fine model of a rich and abundant cultural accumulation of a North African market town. Traces of Its culturally diverse past are in both the physical and intangible, and even in an absence. In stories, language, food, architecture and adornment, sometimes glaringly obvious and others more subtle in their guise, there is an assortment of marks left by past populations that continues to be used into the present day.

SMM highlights both contemporary and historical objects, local stories, academic research and photographic and video documentation, looking at origins and influences on what may seem so very local they have become engrained symbols of a place. Inviting both the local and international visitor to reexamine how to define the concept of being ‘of one place’ the storyline presented will fuse the historic with a present-day relevance.

- The Organization :
Sefrou Museum of Multiculturalism (SMM) is instigated by Culture Vultures, an arts and culture organization coming from the heart of the old city. Established in 2009, Culture Vulture’s offerings include artist residency programs, facilitating artisan connections, community arts activities, and exhibition/cultural projects management services. The creation of the Sefrou Museum of Multiculturalism originated out of our profound interest in the rich and complex history of Sefrou, as well as our deep affection and appreciation for both the town itself and the people who live here. A local association is being created that will ultimately direct and develop Sefrou Museum of Multiculturalism. SMM is designed to engage local, national and international visitors.