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The ancient ritual of Sefrou

The Sefrou festival, also called the “moussem of the King’s fruits,” celebrates the region’s cherry growing industry and its unique cultural heritage. The festival was listed in 2012 on the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list, which recognizes practices worldwide that celebrate cultural identity and promote respect for cultural diversity and human creativity. The event provides […]

The past,present and future of henna in Sefrou

When talking about traditional cultures in one place, artisan crafts lose no time floating through many minds. In addition to traditional festivals that hardly anybody doesn’t take part in, conventional artisan crafts are often treated as the most important part of local culture, as a result of its harmony with many people’s daily lives. Manufacturing […]

Residents’ sensory contact with Sefrou

In the first two projects, we discussed the influence of historical factors on generating the multicultural phenomenon of Sefrou and the specific manifestations of its multiculturalism. In this project, we will go directly into Sefrou and get in touch with ones which are most closely related to its multicultural phenomenon – its residents. With the […]

Worship and Multiculturalism in Sefrou

The geographical location of Sefrou has always been at the intersection of various great civilizations and important events in history. From the Roman province in the 1st century to the foundation of the Arab Kingdom in the 7th century, the invasion of the colonial countries in the 15th century and finally the independence in the 20th century, a variety […]

Various Stories Belonging to Sefrou

As one of the most recognized symbols of Morocco’s Multiculturalism, Sefrou once embodied the spirit of diversity with acceptance, openness, and amity as its pillars. This renowned plurality resulted from cultures, traditions, creeds, and languages intermingling freely and peacefully; however, what remains now is a dwindling Jewish heritage and manifold accounts of the harmonious lives […]