Museum Curator Assistant, Internship


This responsible role requires a self-governing, motivated individual with good presentation/exhibition skills and creative brainstorming capabilities, working within budget and resource restrictions. The curator must have excellent communication skills as well as be a team player.


  • Complete existing exhibits at the museum site.
  • Co-create 2 more museum exhibits.
  • Initiate Museum annexes within the medina.
  • Be involved in the content creation of educational material or engagement tools.

Time Scale

Over a 3-month period, July, August and September, 2022

  • 2 days a week.
  • I day, is with the team at the site of the Museum and co working space
  • I day self-governing, at SMM in Sefrou


  • Be part of an inspiring and engaging project with a team of art and cultural ambassadors.
  • Make an impact exciting and growing arts and culture movement in Sefrou.
  • Gain professional training and experience in Museum curatorship.