Sefrou Through the Lens of Portraiture

This image is a close-up portrait that informs us about the subjects’ reactions to Paul Hyman’s presence in Sefro.

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A Berber (Amazigh) Speaking countrywoman smiling at the photographer

The gaze of this man whom Paul Hyman photographed informs us that he is ready to do anything.

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This photograph shows us that the photographer Paul Hyman is welcomed among those he took in pictures. And it tries to look at the tea cervice in the moroccan culture, which is a great way of welcoming foreigners.
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Badi Aziza and Amina Yabis make a living off creating an age old craft of Hand Knotted Beads, creating items such as pillows and quilts. Gregg Johnson, a Peace Corp Volunteer ,has set up a Small Business Development Center in the town of Sefrou, helping local artisans make a living at selling their wares.
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A man drags a rather reluctant goat across the square just outside the Medina, in Sefrou. Sefrou is a small town in Morocco, North of Fez. Just ahead of the muslim festival of Eid al Adha, people everywhere are buying and selling goats ready to slaughter them for their feasts.

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The look of this woman to Paul Hyman’s camera is powerful because she wants and she refuses at the same time to be framed in the camera of an American. Indeed, her regard is impressive.

Source: Old Moroccan Culture Facebook group

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Musicians perform for the crowd at a fantasia horseback riding competition in Sefrou, Morocco.
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Horsemen compete in Fantasia horsemanship events in Sefrou, Morocco.

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A member of the Moroccan Jewish community reads the Torah inside a Synagogue in the northern city of Sefrou.

Source: FADEL SENNA via Fetty Images

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